eTravelSmart online bus ticket booking portal is happy to introduce bitcoin payment gateway through unocoin, which is known as the coinbase of India in bitcoin community. They are fully compliant with standing regulations which makes our customers digital payments easy and secure. eTravelSmart is the first website to accept bitcoin payments in bus ticket booking. We are proud that, from today,all our customers across India can book bus tickets using bitcoin payments.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is money based on mathematics. Bitcoin's mathematical design is open and transparent. Anyone in the world can study, investigate and become part of it. As a result, bitcoin is a global borderless currency.Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men a meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name. More merchants are beginning to accept them: You can buy webhosting services, pizza or even manicures, ticket booking,etc.

What is Unocoin? is a Simple, Secure and Seamless Way to Buy, Use and Accept Bitcoin in India. Merchant gateway integration services by Unocoin enable online merchants to accept Bitcoin as a medium of payment without getting exposed to chargebacks, volatility and transaction fee. eTravelSmart partnered with Unocoin "Unocoin Merchant Gateway Integration" for Bitcoin payment.
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How to avail Bitcoin payment?

  • Search bus on

  • Select source city and destination of your choice.

  • Select your seat and click on proceed to payment button.

  • In check out page,Under payment options click on Bitcoin wallet option.

  • After Selecting Bitcoin wallet option ,click on Book Now button.