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Partial Payment Bus Ticket Booking

Block My Seat (s)/Reserve My Seat-  Just Pay 20%*  and book BUS ticket across India

Customer Concerns we noticed in booking bus tickets:

  • Uncertain schedules/Last minute changes in Travel Plan.

  • Want to book preferred seats.

  • Insufficient funds at the time of booking/Pay as you travel.

  • High Fares during Peak/Festive times.

eTravelSmart Solution : For all above problems we are offering a unique solution i.e Reserve My Seat(s). You can pay ONLY 20% of Total Fare and reserve your seat and repay rest of amount before suggested expiry time.
Note: Incase you are unable to pay the remaining ticket fare before the suggested expiry time, there will be ZERO refund.

How it works? :

We pay remaining 80% of Total Fare from our pocket to the operator well in advance to reserve your Selected/Preferred seat. Our initiative of "Reserve My Seat" ensures a comfortable journey for you.

Why 20%?This option of paying 80% in advance requires us to maintain huge balances with the operators and hence our funds get blocked until you repay the balance fare before the expiry time. If you are unable to pay the balance amount within set timelines, the ticket gets automatically cancelled and we need to pay compulsory cancellation charges to the operators which are very high in current bus industry environment.

Do I get reminder? :

Yes you get SMS reminder twice to pay the balance ticket fare for enjoying a comfortable journey @ eTravelSmart.

What other benefits I get? :

You will get reward points and special discount coupons (Free Insurance coupon is offered for unlimited passengers for your next trip)

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You are just One Click away to get the entire transaction status