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Terms & Conditions of Ordering Food in

Searching for Delivery of Food in Bus or Food Service in Bus?

Now you can book your favorite food along with bus ticket booking and we will deliver at your seat in bus.

"FoodInBus" - A value added option given by in association with Creamcrow to its valued customers to make their travel easy.
eTravelSmart has partnered with Creamcrowas reliable food ordering value added partner.
eTravelSmart bus customers can now order homely, hygienic food while traveling by bus. The food can be booked either through the eTravelSmart portal while booking a bus ticket, or independently from Creamcrow's website/app. Further, the food can be booked any time after booking a bus ticket from eTravelSmart up until 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of boarding

Creamcrow is an online and app based food ordering option for long distance (typically interstate) bus travelers. Lack of a reliable, homely and hygienic food option has always been a key pain point for inter-state bus travelers. While non-travelers have several options these days to order food online or through an app, a bus traveler completely lacks any such option. Further, the quality of food provided by road-side dhabas is far from ordinary.Creamcrow was founded with a vision to bridge this gap.

1.How does it work?

  • While booking a bus ticket from eTravelSmart, the customer will be provided an option to order food while traveling as well.

  • Once an order is received by Creamcrow, the customer receives a confirmation message regarding the same. This is communicated by Creamcrow to its partner kitchens

  • On the day of the travel, a delivery executive collects the order from one of these kitchens and delivers the same to the customer in the bus.

  • The food can be ordered up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled boarding of the bus. It is advisable to consume the food within 2 hours from the time of delivery.

2.Where does the food get delivered?

  • The food will get delivered at the comfort of customer's seat in the bus itself.

  • Customers don't need to go anywhere to collect the food.

  • The delivery is typically done at one of the boarding points near the exit points of the city.

  • Customers receive a confirmation message from Creamcrow, approximately one hour prior to the scheduled boarding, regarding tentative time and point of delivery.

3.What are the cancellations and refunds terms and conditions?

  • Following are the terms and conditions governing cancellations and refunds at Creamcrow:

  • An order placed by a customer is liable and acceptable for cancellation by Creamcrow in case of unavailability of item ordered, cancellation of bus/route, unexpectedly huge delay in the bus arrival, delivery location/route falling outside coverage, or failure to contact the customer over phone or email at the time of confirmation of the order.

  • An order placed by a customer is liable and acceptable for cancellation by the customer in case of tampering/damage of the order package by Creamcrow, wrong order delivered, service/bus cancellation, or items missing from the order at the time of delivery.

  • In case the cancellation is done by a customer prior to the scheduled boarding, the following terms of refund would apply.

  • S.NO

    Cancellation policy Time



     Cancellation done 3 or more hours prior  to the scheduled time of boarding

     Full refund


     Cancellation done between 2 and 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of boarding

     50% refund of the booking amount


     Cancellation done within 2 hours prior to  the scheduled time of boarding

     No refund

  • In case of cancellation by Creamcrow, full refund shall be done. Also, in case of cancellation done by customers owing to any of the reasons mentioned in point b above, full refund shall be done. For cancellations by customers owing to reasons apart from those mentioned in point b above, the refund schedule as mentioned in the table above shall hold true. Further, in case of cancellation of the bus ticket by the customer, cancellation of the food order, if any, shall automatically be done, and the refund schedule as mentioned in the table above shall hold true

  • Partial cancellation of the food items is not permitted.

  • Customer can cancel an order from Creamcrow without cancelling the bus ticket from eTravelSmart .

  • Customer should reach out to  or  for any cancellations.

4.What is the lead time to order food from boarding time?

  • Creamcrow accepts orders made at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled time of boarding.

5.Does Creamcrow have any delivery charges?

  • No, Creamcrow doesn't charge any delivery charges over and above those mentioned in our menu. The prices are all inclusive

6.How does Creamcrow keep a check on the quality of food delivered?

  • Though Creamcrow is merely an aggregator and doesn't guarantee the quality of food that it sources, we ensure that checks are in place so that the food supplied has a consistent and approved quality. Creamcrow follows the following four pronged strategy to this end:

  • a)Selection of kitchens - The primary criteria for selection of a partner kitchen for Creamcrow is the feedback shared by our culinary experts based on their personal experience. Another criteria that we use is the distance of the kitchen from the delivery point - shorter distance ensures fresh food.

  • b)Prior ratings - The next step for the selection of kitchens is the ratings and feedback publically shared by actual customers of these kitchens. Popular platforms (such as Zomato, Swiggy, etc.) are visited for this purpose.

  • c)Surprise audits - Once the selection of a partner kitchen is made, Creamcrow's culinary experts perform regular surprise audits of these kitchens to keep a check on the quality of food sourced. Creamcrow deliberately keep the number of partner kitchens low, to ensure the checks are done frequently and thoroughly.

  • b)Prior ratings -Creamcrow also seeks regular feedback from its customers to understand their experience of its services, including the quality of food. Strict action, which in some cases include termination of contracts, is taken against kitchens which don't fare well in terms of quality .


  • Flat 10% Discount to first time customers only.

  • No Coupon Code Required.

  • This Discount is Extra from bus ticket discount.

8.Other Terms and Conditions:

  • eTravelSmart and/or Creamcrow are not liable for any refund and/or libel judicial action seeking damages for any reason of non-delivery whatsoever in case of non-availability of the customer at his/her designated seat (as mentioned in the bus ticket) during the time of delivery

  • eTravelSmart and Creamcrow are not liable in any manner whatsoever for non availability of the ordered food items. eTravelSmart and Creamcrow however shall be responsible in processing the refund of the amount paid by the customer limited to the value of the ordered items and delivery charges.

  • In case of any changes in the boarding point or time of boarding, customer is requested to pass that information to the Creamcrow's contact number (+91-9052555791).

  • eTravelSmart and/or Creamcrow not take any responsibility and/or liability for the quality of food delivered. However, customers are requested to contact eTravelSmartor Creamcrow customer support to raise the issue so that it can be resolved or corrected.

  • Any health issues arising out of quality of food or hygiene are not the responsibility of either eTravelSmart and/or Creamcrow. eTravelSmart and/or Creamcrow are not liable for any medical expenses, and/or damages being claimed by the customer through any liable judicial action the customer may choose to employ.

  • eTravelSmart and/or Creamcrow are not liable for any refund and/or dues recovery process including judicial action for non-delivery of ordered food items owing to acts of nature and/or law and order situations resulting in non-delivery of ordered food items.

  • eTravelSmart and/or Creamcrow are not liable in any manner whatsoever for any inconvenience caused to the bus owner or fellow passengers or any other party arising out of consumption of ordered food items within the bus premises and/or at any other place whatsoever. The customer takes sole responsibility for all such matters and indemnifies eTravelSmart andCreamcrow from any legal action or otherwise.

  • Creamcrow takes complete responsibility of the delivery of the food. eTravelSmart would, in no way whatsoever, be responsible for the same.

  • Complaints and Escalations on food should be directed to

  • The above terms are subject to change without prior notice.