Olamoney wallet is here on eTravelSmart.com

eTravelSmart online bus ticket booking portal is happy to introduce Ola Money wallet payment option to all bus booking customers across India.With Ola Money, customers can use the balance in their mobile wallet to book bus tickets. Ola Money made the payment option easy by just validating the OTP while booking the bus ticket.Refund happens in no time unlike other payment gateways where it takes 3 to 5 working days upon ticket cancellation.

What is Ola Money?

Ola Money is a gateway to a cashless world.Ola Money powered by Zipcash, is a pre-paid instrument issued by Zipcash as per RBI guidelines.

How do I access Ola Money?

Login to your Olacabs mobile app and select "Ola Money" from the Menu Bar.

Can I book bus ticket if I don't have balance in Ola Money wallet?

Yes, after selecting the Ola Money, you will be asked to recharge the wallet using Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking option and you are ready to book the bus ticket.