Tree Plantation (Green Tracks) Related:

  • What are Green Tracks ?

    Green tracks are nothing but Garden of Trees planted by YK Foundation.
  • What is tree plantation ?

    As a responsible citizen of India, we try to reduce Carbon Dioxide emission happening form buses by planting trees on behalf of people. We are tie up to an NGO , where we are going to plant trees on every give ticket bookings form a passenger.
  • When Trees are planted ?

    We are going to plant trees for every three months after 100 bus tickets accumulation.

Charity Related:

  • What is BEGET ?

    BEGET is a charity, which support poor students who are academically strong by giving scholarships.
  • What is "myCharity" ?

    We believe in "Students are face of Nation". We connect with BEGET, to support poor students, who are good. My charity will helps to support BEGET on behalf of your by funding minimal amount at the time of your every ticket booking.
  • How to Fund Charity ?

    You can fund BEGET Charity at the time of bus ticket booking with us. At the time of filling contact details, you will find an option to donate money from Rs:5. Visit our charity page for more info.
  • Who can I support BEGET ?

    Everyone can support BEGET by funding a minimal of Rs:5.

Payment Related:

  • Is it safe to book bus ticket with eTravelSmart ?

    Yes, eTravelSmart is most secured site, which is certified by COMODO International. So no worries to book bus ticket with us.
  • What are the modes of Payment ?

    We are accepting all most all modes of payments like Internet banking, credit card, debit card.
  • Do I need to pay extra amount for Ticket booking @eTravelSmart ?

    Only pay bank charges to the bank. More over you are going get up to 10% discount on every bus ticket booking with us.
  • Is there any booking fee & hidden Charges ?

    There are no hidden charges and booking fee. We are offering great discount on bus ticket without booking fees and hidden charges.
  • Can I book or pay for some else ?

    Yes, you can book bus tickets to any of your belongings across India by giving their details at the time of booking.

Cancellation Related:

  • How can I cancel my bus ticket ?

    You can cancel your bus ticket simply by navigating to cancellation page. Where you need to give info about your PNR number or Ticket Number and Email id.
  • Can I cancel ticket, if miss the bus ?

    No, you are unable to cancel ticket before 3 hours to service starting time.
  • Can I partially cancel my ticket ?

    No. You cannot cancel tickets partially. The Particular PNR has to be cancelled and you can rebook tickets that you need.

Refund Related:

  • How much amount I can get, if I cancel ticket ?

    Refund amount will be depends upon operators terms and conditions. It varies from operator to operators.
    Cut Off Time
    (Before Dep Hours)
      Return Amount
    1   80
    3   85
    4   90
  • How can i get my amount return ?

    Once you cancel ticket your amount is going to return with 7 to 10 working days to your concern account number.

Operator Related:

  • Is there any other terms and conditions need to know for individual operators ?

    Terms and conditions differ from operator sto operator. So you must be flexible to support operator in making your journey comfortable.
  • Other Info.

    If you have any queries and any doubts, Please contact our support team. Call us: +91 86888 34567. Mail us: customersupport@etravelsmart.com
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